Learning about Volunteering

Learning about Volunteering


Romania, Ilfov, Ciorogarla, Liceul Tehnologic "Pamfil Seicaru"

7 February 2024

Empowering Youth Through International Opportunities: A Recap of Our Recent Activity


On the 7th of February, Roseto had the privilege of orchestrating an enlightening session at Liceul Tehnologic “Pamfil Seicaru,” aimed at immersing students into the transformative world of ERASMUS+, Youth Exchanges, ESC (European Solidarity Corps), and Youthpass. The event was a celebration of diverse international opportunities that can shape the personal and professional growth of young individuals.

Exploring ERASMUS+ and Youth Exchanges

The session kicked off with engaging discussions about ERASMUS+ and Youth Exchanges. Students eagerly absorbed insights into the life-altering experiences these programs offer. From studying abroad to participating in youth-led initiatives, the possibilities for exploration and learning seemed boundless. The emphasis was on broadening horizons, fostering cultural understanding, and promoting a sense of global citizenship among the youth.

Understanding the Impact of ESC

A significant portion of the session was dedicated to the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). Participants delved into the transformative power of solidarity and community service. ESC not only provides an avenue for personal development but also instills a deep sense of responsibility towards creating positive societal change. The stories shared highlighted the enriching experiences of volunteers who contributed their time and skills to various community projects.

Acknowledging Achievements with Youthpass

Youthpass, a tool for recognizing and validating the skills acquired through international experiences, was another focal point. Students learned about the importance of documenting their journey, recognizing their personal and professional growth, and acquiring a tangible record of their accomplishments. This aspect added a layer of formal recognition to the wealth of experiences gained through participation in international programs.

Guest Volunteers: Voices from Turkey

To provide a real-world perspective, volunteers from Turkey joined the session, sharing their personal stories and experiences. Their presentations not only showcased the positive impact of volunteering but also fostered cross-cultural understanding.

The exchange of ideas between the Romanian students and their Turkish counterparts added a valuable dimension to the session, breaking down cultural barriers and encouraging a spirit of global collaboration.

Spotlight on Local Heroes: Romanian Volunteer and Sakura Organization

Adding a local touch to the event, a Romanian volunteer shared their journey, highlighting the impact of volunteering on personal and community development. This personal narrative resonated strongly with the attendees, emphasizing the significance of grassroots efforts in creating positive change.

Sakura, another organization committed to youth empowerment, also took the stage. They presented their ongoing projects and offered a glimpse into future initiatives. This collaborative exchange of ideas showcased the strength of partnerships in creating a more robust and interconnected international youth community.

Post-Activity Reflection: Talking Session and Snacks

After the formal session, students engaged in a lively talking session where they shared their thoughts, reflections, and excitement about the presented opportunities. The informal setting allowed for open conversations, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the participants. Snacks were enjoyed as students continued to discuss their aspirations, challenges, and newfound perspectives. This post-activity interaction added a valuable social element to the overall learning experience, creating lasting connections among the participants.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on this enriching experience, the seeds of inspiration planted during this session are expected to blossom into new opportunities and perspectives for the participating students. Roseto remains dedicated to empowering youth, fostering global citizenship, and building bridges through meaningful international collaborations.

Stay tuned as we continue our journey of youth empowerment and international collaboration!