Open Source

Roseto values open source software and the community that surrounds it. We strive to create and maintain open source projects that are useful to the community and that help us build better software.

What do we open source?

We create all of our non-commercial projects as open source. This includes our website, our blog, and others. We value transparency and we believe that open source is the best way to achieve it.

Commercial projects are not open source, but any improvements that we do on those projects are contributed back to the community.

How do we open source?

We use the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license for all of our open source projects. This license allows you to use our projects for non-commercial purposes, to modify them and to share them with others.

We use GitHub to host our open source projects. You can find them on our GitHub profile.

If you want to contribute to one of our projects, you can create a pull request on GitHub. We will review it and merge it if it fits our standards.

How does funding work?

We accept donations for our open source projects through Open Collective. This helps us cover the costs of maintaining our projects and allows us to create new ones.

We use Open Collective because it is transparent and it allows us to show you how we spend the money that we receive. You can see our financial reports on our Open Collective page.