The digital hub of Ciorogarla, Romania. Claim your own subdomain or email address at

Previously known as Platforma Ciorogarla or Ciorogarla Unita, is the digital hub of Ciorogarla, Romania.

What is is a public site that provides free information, guides and more about Ciorogarla, Romania. It also publishes sites and services that are related to Ciorogarla, as well as any * sites.

Why should I use is a great way to get information about Ciorogarla, Romania. It also provides free subdomains and email addresses for anyone who wants to claim one.

Here are some reasons why you should use

  • Pay yearly for your subdomain or email address;
  • If your business is located in Ciorogarla, it’s a great way to show that you are part of the community;
  • * sites are also a great way to show your support for Ciorogarla, Romania. The money made from these sites goes back into the community, allowing us to create better experiences and services for everyone;
  • No need to setup a new email account, just use your existing email account and all the emails received at your new email address will be forwarded to your existing email account.
  • Automatic DDoS protection and SSL certificate;

How do I connect my site to my alias?

You have 2 options:

  • If require only a static site, we can directly connect your site to your alias via a CNAME or A record;
  • If you update your site often and require more flexibility, you will need a DNS server to manage your site and connect NS records to our DNS server.

Contact us and we will help you setup your site with your alias.

How do I claim my subdomain and email address?

Contact us for pricing claiming your subdomain or email address.